This yummy bite appealing design is perfect for little teethers. Our products come Pediatrician recommended. Educational design that assists with sensory development, and are proven to provide relief.

Easy Grip and hold.

Can be chilled for extra relief.

The different textures promotes healthy gum stimulation when laying a good dental foundation for your baby & our teethers promote healthy eating habits by stimulating the oral sensory system.

Bright colour's,fun & educational designs for sensory development, hours of entertainment and learning while teething and beyond and of coarse they pose a major bite appeal.


Made in South Africa.


Benefits of Silicone

Safe, Non-Toxic & Bacteria Reluctant (Silicone is indisputably safer for human health than plastic)

Durable & Heat Resistant (Silicone is much longer lasting than plastic and endures extreme fluctuations in temperatures – from very cold to oven hot – without melting, cracking or otherwise degrading,Silicone resists oxidative deterioration (normal aging) for decades on end)

Silicone is soft and gentle on babies gums, laying a healthy dental foundation for baby teeth

Eco Friendly (With more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans, using less plastic by turning to steel and silicone alternatives means contributing less to this mounting mass of plastics lost in our environment and poisoning our wildlife).


Product Care:

All of our products are FDA Approved, BPA Free, Free from Lead , PVCs and Phthalates.
Our products are made with 100% Food Grade Silicone.
Before packaging our teethers are all put through two hours of 180 degree sterilization.


Cleaning Instructions: There are many ways to wash and care for silicone. You may place your silicone in the dishwasher (top rack only), or hand wash with dish soap and warm water and let air dry. Our products can also be sterilized in sterilization systems, for quick & easy sterilizing, place the teether in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Remove from the water with tongs and let cool.


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