Pure-Thaim is the clean, white and bubble-FREE range. Ideal for sensitive skin and new borns.

Gently fragranced and infused with coconut oil to help moisturize and soften the skin. This is Young-Berri Scented.

Benefits include:

Alleviating colic, soothes teething, benefits eczema, improves sleep patterns, reduces hyperactivity and vital for brain deveopment.
Suitable for all skin types and ages, from birth.


Benefits of Magnesium Sulphate

Our bodies require many minerals for optimal health. Two of the most important minerals are Magnesium and Sulphate. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, is required for the production of Seretonin (the happy hormone ) and is also required for the absorption of Omega's and Calcium. Sulphate is what our bodies use to break down artificial additives and toxins that are consumed from foods we eat. Increasing our Sulphate levels triggers a detox and rids the body of artificial additives, reduces the toxic build up and as such reduces hyper-activity, migraines and general stress and insomnia. Recommended from pregnancy, through baby, toddler, child and adults; our Magnesium Sulphate bath salts are sure to be enjoyed and alleviate most of your modern-day ailments.


This product is available for courier R100.00, Pep Paxi (R50.00 7-9 days) or collection in La Lucia, Durban. You could collect at one of our markets in Sunningdale/Umhlanga.



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